This page is provided as a convenience for those who wish to learn how to advertise in Christian*New Age Quarterly's "Advertising!" section — which is specifically for classified ads — or how to purchase display space in our periodical. At this point in time, we do not sell space on our website. If you wish to advertise with us, please be advised that the following information is relevant only to our printed publication.

Contact information: We encourage you to email us at, tagging the subject field "Advertising in C*NAQ" (and that is important due to high levels of spam). Or, you can write to us at Christian*New Age Quarterly, PO Box 276, Clifton, NJ 07015-0276, USA.

Classified advertising: $10 for 25 words or less; 10¢ additional each word thereafter. Phone numbers count as two words; "PO Box ???" counts as three words; states and towns with double names count as two words, unless abbreviated, i.e., "New Jersey" counts as two words, but "NJ," as one word. We are pleased to bold any word you bold or CAPITALIZE any word you capitalize — as long as such is compatible with our standard format — at no extra charge. But do use discretion. We will not capitalize or bold your full ad, simply for aesthetic reasons. Copy must be clearly printed or typed. Please check your spelling and punctuation.

Display advertising:

Section of page


Price per issue

Four-issue price

1/6 page ad     2-1/2" h x 3" w    $15 per issue $55 for 4 issues
1/4 page ad 3-3/4" h x 3" w $25 per issue $90 for 4 issues
1/2 page ad 7-1/2" h x 3" w $35 per issue $125 for 4 issues
Full-page ad 7-1/2" h x 6-1/4" w $45 per issue $160 for 4 issues

Please submit your display ad as a PDF. If you are unable to do so, we will be happy to scan your aesthetically perfected, clean hardcopy, although this may result in some loss of quality. And while Christian*New Age Quarterly accepts color display ads, please expect some variance in hue in the published product. We encourage you to contact us for additional information.

Deadlines (both classified and display ads) — The cycle of our four quarterly issues is currently as follows:


Expected format


Spring     Regular (full) January 1
Summer C*NAQ Plus April 1
Autumn Regular (full) July 1
Winter C*NAQ Plus October 1

Payment must accompany ads, including those ads designated for multiple issue placement. If you intend to submit the PDF of your ad as an attachment to an email, please send your check via snail-mail simultaneously. And, to confirm your intentions, please indicate in which issue you wish your ad to appear.

Due to the volume of requests, we cannot provide free samples to potential advertisers. If you would like to purchase a sample, please send $3.50 ($5 outside the US) to Christian*New Age Quarterly, PO Box 276, Clifton, NJ 07015-0276, USA (or click here to view our Ordering Information).

Rates are subject to change. We can guarantee current rates only for the next issue, and for those advertisers who have purchased space in upcoming issues.

The publisher reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement which either it, or its readers, may find objectionable.

Christian*New Age Quarterly accepts no liability for losses incurred because of typographical error, reproduction quality, failure to run an ad or other human/mechanical oopses beyond the advertiser's cost of the errant ad.


Send your advertisement, along with your check or money order to:

Christian*New Age Quarterly

PO Box 276

Clifton, New Jersey 07015-0276


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