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Launches C*NAQ Plus!

Clifton, NJ — February 2, 2009 — On the occasion of its 20th year of publication, Christian*New Age Quarterly, a journal of dialog between traditional Christianity and alternative spiritualities, released its premiere issue of C*NAQ Plus.

As Christian*New Age Quarterly's Editor, Catherine Groves, shared in her first C*NAQ Plus "Through the Editor's Eyes," "If ever a bridge supporting dialog was crucial, today is the day. I am stunned when I see so much of the world in crisis. Stunned even more when I see religious rift feeding the violence. I find it almost inconceivable: religious beliefs — which, in theory at least, are supposed to foster love, goodness and higher vision — seem to be breeding some of the most horrible and horrifying conditions and events.... [And religious violence will continue to escalate] if we don't do something to dissolve the tension and bring us all together now."

In order to rise to that challenge, Christian*New Age Quarterly had to meet with yet another. As Groves advised in a prior issue, getting full 20- to 24-page issues out on a regular basis is just not feasible at this juncture. Still, to address today's global crisis, as well as continue an open forum for exchange, a periodical needs to be released at timely intervals. One solution is C*NAQ Plus, a supplement to full issues, that will allow Christian*New Age Quarterly to maintain a quarterly publishing schedule.

The C*NAQ Plus format will allow Christian*New Age Quarterly to publish on a timely basis, with two Pluses and two full issues released each year. C*NAQ Pluses will be slim, casual and a little off the cuff. This approach will allow for seasonal advertising and articles, as well as commentary on current events. As a way to give readers an active voice in the dialog, an expanded "Letters Library" will be featured.

Published since 1989, Christian*New Age Quarterly examines the differences and the common ground between traditional Christianity and the New Age Movement. Dedicated to dialogue, the periodical does not assume underlying unity, but instead affirms that mutual respect is necessary to fairly explore the beliefs of the other. An important resource for any who wish to understand the diversity of religious thought, Christian*New Age Quarterly is a lively journal with regular columns, feature essays and book reviews. In addition, the publication strives to offer high quality writing and sound scholarship, as well as to encourage genuine camaraderie.

As Groves expressed in her C*NAQ Plus "Through the Editor's Eyes," "C*NAQ is but one bridge among many. And yet I think our focus and stance offer something special and unique." Readers agree. Jean Hohman wrote, "C*NAQ is a very valuable way to encourage dialogue and understanding. The new C*NAQ Plus is great." Judith Eir Landaiche, Editorial Assistant, added, "What always amazes and delights me is the continuing high standard of quality C*NAQ maintains."

For any questions not covered on our site, write to Catherine Groves at or Christian*New Age Quarterly, PO Box 276, Clifton, New Jersey 07015-0276.

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