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Appearing below are listings of other resources you may enjoy. We have! Of course, Christian*New Age Quarterly does not necessarily endorse the products or services you'll see on this page. We have no affiliation to those listed below other than mutual appreciation. And you are encouraged to send us feedback — praise or alerts — to help us exercise discretion. Enjoy!

NEW SPIRIT JOURNAL, your online resource for inspiration and practical spirituality. Free audios, videos, articles, and interviews that inspire, educate and delight! Advertising available! newspiritjournal.com; krysta@newspiritjournal.com.

THE PAN-AMERICAN INDIAN ASSOCIATION is dedicated to the celebration, promotion and preservation of the ancient natural ways of Turtle Island, individuals or groups working together, volunteering within our local communities, living in harmony with Earth Mother and Sky Father, with respect in the Brother-Sisterhood of being related. For more information, visit thepaia.org or write to Pan-American Indian Association, 8335 Sevigny Drive, North Fort Myers, FL 33917.

WIZARD'S WONDERLAND — A land of mystical magic and wizard wisdom, where those who want to master the craft of creator play. Home of Merlin's Message, Ask Merlin, Creating Camelot Club, The Global Round Table Rally, and the Mystical Musings Magazine. wizardwonderland.com.

SOUL PROOF — the website of Dr. Mark Pitstick, former "New Age Views" Book Reviewer for C*NAQ — offers convincing proof of our immortal spiritual natures and what that means for your life. soulproof.com.

BOTH SIDES NOW — A prophetic New Age journal of lightworking, peacemaking, and consciousness. Digest of current spiritual thinking on consciousness and world events, looking into the future with insight, wit, and expertise. Contents include columns, stories, poetry, graphics, and contact ads. $2/issue (22 pp.) from BSN, 10547 State Hwy 110N, Tyler, TX 75704-3731. See bothsidesnow.info for more information on the publication.

DIAMOND FIRE. A Quarterly Esoteric Review. Non-political, non-denominational, non-sectarian. Deals with Astrology, Meditation, Healing and Esoterism, fiction and nonfiction. 80 to 100 pages. Subscriptions are: $50 for one year, $90 for two, $400 for lifetime. Single issues and back issues $15. Please make checks payable to Joseph Polansky, Editor & Publisher, PO Box 7368, North Port, FL 34287.

SPIRIT HEART SANCTUARY's purpose is to hold and expand awareness of the Divine Presence on and in the earth. We work to facilitate the individual experience of deepening states of inner peace emanating from the personal, collective and universal sanctuary of the spirit heart. This serves to manifest Christ consciousness, which we understand as unconditional love and compassion, more fully and completely in the universe, as well as to bring forth peace on earth. Visit us at spiritheart.org.

DREAMWalker Group is an online bookstore that provides a way for readers to support the literary community. DWG owner, Michael Walker, offers free web profiles for writers; each profile lists contact information on the author, lists all books and/or stories published by the author, and has links to other authors writing about similar topics. Visitors enjoy the ease of ordering the selections they discover by clicking on the link to the specific book at Amazon.com. dreamwalkergroup.com.

Again we say it: Christian*New Age Quarterly does not necessarily endorse the products or services you'll see on this page. As with any listings you may find out there on the internet, you are advised to exercise your own discretion. So much for the disclaimer. We enjoy the work of the folks listed on our "Other Resources" page and, for that reason, we share them with you. Many of them are also advertisers in Christian*New Age Quarterly issues. If you would like more information on advertising with C*NAQ, please write to us at PO Box 276, Clifton, New Jersey 07015-0276, USA to request our advertising rate sheet. Or click for the online link to C*NAQ's Advertising Rates.

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