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                    Thank you for your interest in writing for Christian*New Age Quarterly. We welcome your creativity and insights, focused upon some facet of the Christian-New Age relationship.

C*NAQ is a forum for clear, respectful dialog between Christians and New Agers. Here we entertain, but do not assume, an underlying compatibility of the two. While we allow for the possibility of irreconcilable ideological differences, we have yet to see a single reason which precludes honest, mutually supportive communication. Moreover, we have discovered many reasons why such genuine communication is warranted, even crucial.

Our readership is comprised of Christians and New Agers, as well as those exploring other avenues of spiritual expression. While extraordinarily diverse, our readers also tend to be keenly observant, intelligent and in touch with spirituality. Consequently, we do not accept material marked by either a patronizing style, which assumes the reader needs to be taught some self-evident spiritual insight, or self-circular reasoning, which confuses subjective truth with observable fact.

As you select words for your insight or observation, aim for vital, flowing, yet precise language. C*NAQ especially looks for a certain caliber of vantage that surprises us with a slant we've yet to consider. Take a look at a topic, then wrestle with it, contemplatively and vigorously. Capture and submit it in simple style and fine polish.

If yours is a controversial theme, we would be pleased to consider it — as long as you have thought it through with research and sensitivity. Here, you needn't be wary of words considered taboo in other journals; "church," "Savior," "feminism" and "Goddess" are all functional terms in C*NAQ. But pieces that put forth an exclusivistic stance would best be submitted to one of the more singularly Christian or New Age periodicals which abound.

In addition to our staff-composed columns and "The Letters Library," we publish 2-3 articles per issue. Recommended word length is 400-1500 words. The more peripheral the content is to our main focus, the shorter it needs to be. Articles with content especially pertinent may aim for the upper end of the range. Still, if you have composed an outstanding piece that exceeds length recommendations, we might consider it. We do try to be flexible when it comes to truly noteworthy pieces.

We do not accept poetry, photos, trendy pieces, channeled wisdom or fiction. We do, however, welcome original line drawings and cartoons. If you are in doubt regarding the propriety of an intended subject, feel free to query prior to investing your energies in its composition.

As to blind submissions, we at C*NAQ find it presumptuous when authors submit work with no knowledge of our periodical's focus. If one is drawn to Christian-New Age dialog to the extent that one would write on the subject, it would seem reasonable to expect interest in at least examining C*NAQ. Doing so provides the opportunity not only to explore our stylistic preferences, but also to learn from the views of other writers who are published here. Though our acceptances are not prejudiced by whether or not a writer reads C*NAQ, those who have familiarized themselves with our work are far more likely to create the kind of piece we seek to publish. If you are not currently a subscriber, you may obtain a sample by sending your check or money order, payable to Christian*New Age Quarterly, in the amount of $3.50 ($5 if outside the USA). Please see Ordering Info for details.

C*NAQ rarely accepts material offered on a basis other than "first rights." Please indicate "first rights" on your manuscript or detail, in your cover letter, why first rights are not available. Never do we consider simultaneous submissions or articles posted online; don't send them here. We require a note of assurance, accompanying your submission, that we are the sole periodical considering the piece. After your work has been published in C*NAQ, you are free to submit it elsewhere.

We reserve the right to edit. Although C*NAQ honors the personal style of our authors, editing may be necessary for clarity or length. If you are opposed to revising your manuscript yourself or allowing us to do so, clearly state this in your cover letter. Our preliminary evaluation of submissions often is based on their "editability." Rest assured that we would not print a piece requiring substantial editing without first obtaining the author's approval on necessary changes.

The request of a revision does not ensure eventual acceptance. It does means we are seriously interested. But acceptance depends upon our approval of your final copy.

For accepted articles, you'll receive, as payment, a complimentary subscription, which includes four full issues, or an extension to your current subscription. For each drawing or cartoon, you'll receive one copy of the issue in which your work appears.

Our decisions are commitments. If we accept a piece for publication, you may rest assured that it will be published. Although we try to publish accepted material as soon as possible, we work carefully to achieve a balance of content in each issue. Therefore, we may wait upon an appropriate issue to include accepted articles.

Please enclose an SASE with sufficient postage in all correspondence. We are not responsible for returning manuscripts, advising you of our decision, or answering inquiries which arrive without SASEs. Please help us to be responsive to you!

C*NAQ's Editor, Catherine Groves — as well as our readers — will look forward to the opportunity to explore your thoughts.


Send your submissions or queries to:

Christian*New Age Quarterly

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