April-June 2001

Volume 13, Number 2




Through the Editor's Eyes

Where's the Beef?

Catherine Groves

Catherine Groves looks at contemporary truisms, particularly the way we name fear as the motive behind stances that differ from our own, and asks, "Where's the Beef?"

Hitler as Kalki

Robert M. Price

Dr. Robert M. Price returns with a piece examining what difference the doctrine of the mystic Oneness of all things might make. Once enlightened, would that change mundane consciousness? Price contends it would, for the enlightened one sees through conventional notions of right and wrong which pertain to the plane of worldly life. Henceforth, one is able to make one's own rules. Does one choose to be Hitler? Kalki? Or are the two ultimately the same?

A C*NAQ Announcement

Catherine Groves

We have found our new "New Age Views" book reviewer! With great pleasure, C*NAQ announces that Dr. Mark R. Pitstick has agreed to take on the role!

A Peek Between the Covers

Dr. Mark R. Pitstick

In his first review as one of C*NAQ's on-staff book reviewers, Mark Pitstick reviews Reaching to Heaven, by James Van Praagh. Van Praagh, a well-reputed medium, offers, according to Pitstick, compelling, verifiable evidence of afterlife.

A Pensive Pause

Potus and the Tao

John W. Groff, Jr.

In retrospection on the aftermath of the November 2000 election for President of the United States — as both Bush and Gore vied for the office of President — Father Groff reflects on each candidate against the standard of Lao-tsu's Master, the "wise governor," in the Tao te Ching.

More Peeking Between the Covers

Kathleen O'Mara

Colin Althouse, author of The Diamond Shield, remembers many of his past lifetimes, including when he was John, author of the Gospel, at the time of Jesus. Kathleen O'Mara explores where The Diamond Shield succeeds and fails in its attempts to deliver a plan for religious evolution and the creation of a higher religion for this world.

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