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Spring 2017
"Why Can't We Think Outside the Box?" The question itself is
misleading, according to the Reverend Frederick Moe, who takes us
on an overview of his past and points us toward a fresh direction.
Joanne Winetzki's "Pensive Pause" shares her ways to "Simply
Simplify." In addition, Winetzki takes a "Peek Between the Covers"
of Taz Thornton's Whispers from the Earth: Teachings from the
Ancestors Beautifully Woven for Today's Spiritual Seekers.
Summer/Autumn 2016
This special double issue consists of two separate, yet intrinsically
intertwined parts. Volume 22, Number 3 features Catherine
Groves' "A Double Issue and What a Revolting Development
This Is," which explores Jesus and the Cleansing of the Temple
as depicted in Mark 11:15-16; the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's
review of Shift Into Freedom by Loch Kelly; Joanne Winetzki's
"Perseverance is Power"; and an outstanding "Letters Library."
Volume 22, Number 4 consists of "Proto-Mark: A Conjectural
Reconstruction" — which presents the Gospel of Mark as it
may have read before early redactors started revising it — by
Dr. Robert M. Price.

Please note that as C*NAQ will not break up the pair the
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Winter 2015
In "Is It Oxymoronic to Speak of a Spiritual Learning Community?"
Dr. N. Michel Landaiche, III, explores the paradoxes inherent
in a spiritual learning community. And, for her "Pensive Pause,"
Joanne Winetzki discusses the importance of attitude in "Problem
or Possibility?" — then reviews Sacred Geography: Deciphering
Hidden Codes in the Landscape
by Paul Devereux.
Summer 2015
Could gnosticism, mystery religions and hero cults, which were
common schools of thought during Christianity's nascence, account
for the understanding of Jesus as a dying and rising savior? In
"The Atoning Power of Myth," Dr. Robert M. Price explores the
significance of the mythic-atonement themes found in these three
persuasions. In addition, Joanne Winetzki celebrates "Laughter:
Nature's Gentle Therapy" — and the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn
reviews In Search of the Christian Buddha by Peggy McCracken
and Donald S. Lopez Jr.
Winter 2014
Dr. Robert M. Price's "Mythic Power of the Atonement" serves as
both a prelude to our Summer 2015 issue's "Atoning Power of Myth"
and an independent work exploring the Atonement as innately mythic
in character — not an event contingent upon the historicity of Jesus
Christ. Also in this issue, Joanne Winetzki explores mindfulness in
her "Pensive Pause: It Is What It Is — or Is It?" Rounding out the
issue, Winetzki "Peeks Between the Covers" of David Richo's Power
of Coincidence.
Summer 2014
This issue opens with Catherine Groves' "Without the Shedding of
Blood There is No Forgiveness," which is a quote from Hebrews 9:22.
Then Dr. N. Michel Landaiche, III, presents "The War for Righteousness
and Life" while Judith Eir Landaiche asks, "Is Righteousness Ever Right?"
In keeping with the theme of this issue, the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn
reviews The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics
and Religion
by Jonathan Haidt. And for her "Pensive Pause," Joanne
Winetzki explores "Forgiveness: an Act or an Attitude?"
Winter 2013
In "The Lotus and the Logos: The Saddharma-Pundarika as a Source for
Christianity," Dr. Robert M. Price explores the often striking parallels
between Buddhist and Christian scriptures. In addition, Joanne Winetzki
offers the suggestion, "Be Good to Yourself" as her "Pensive Pause," then
"Peeks Between the Covers" of Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom
for Healing Yourself, Others, and the Planet
by Steven D. Farmer.
Summer 2013
Dr. Robert M. Price asks "Is John's Gospel Gnostic?" in a thought-
provoking exploration of the evidence. Then Joanne Winetzki's "Pensive
Pause" muses about the benefits that unfold when folks "Take a Beauty
Break," while Judith Eir Landaiche probes the body/spirit relationship in
"The Fascination of Life." In addition, Rev. Daniel B. Hahn's "Peek
Between the Covers" reviews Cindy Wigglesworth's SQ 21: The Twenty-
One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.
Winter 2012
To introduce the issue, Catherine Groves discusses the two distinct faces
of Sophia, or Wisdom; too, our Editor shares her take on the relationship
between New Thought and New Age. Sophia: The Feminine Face of God,
by Karen Speerstra, is topic of Joanne Winetzki's book review.  And Dr.
Robert M. Price presents "Sophia's Stepchild: The Gnostic Sources of
New Thought." Judith Eir Landaiche rounds out the offerings with
"Movement Speaks the Sacred."
Summer 2012
In "One Man's Journey In Search of God," Dr. L. David Moore shares
his lifelong quest. And Rev. Daniel B. Hahn reviews Dr. Robert M. Price's
Biblical Buddhism: Tales and Sermons of Saint Iodasaph — an eBook
collection taken from the Saint Iodasaph column C*NAQ readers have
enjoyed over the decades.
Winter 2011
Judith Eir Landaiche, our Editorial Assistant, kicks off the issue with
"Choice: Accepting the Dance." Then Dr. Robert M. Price presents an
amazing examination of "Synchronicity, the Monadology, and the Law
of Attraction," while Father John W. Groff, Jr. advances the theme in
"The Choice."
Summer 2011
Distinguished scientist and avid spiritual explorer, Dr. L. David Moore
presents "Consciousness — Now or Forever?" And Dr. Robert M. Price
offers a study of "Myth in the New Testament."
Winter 2010
In "The Retreat from Radical Prayer," Dr. Robert M. Price explores
the evolution of attitudes toward prayer reflected in the New Testament.
Also featured is Joanne Winetzki's "A Long Stride of Spirit."
Summer 2010
"Trumping the Death of Dialog" by Catherine Groves introduces this
issue's contents, which includes "Loose Canon" by Dr. Robert M. Price
and Rev. Daniel B. Hahn's review of The First Paul by Borg and Crossan,
as well as "The Secret? It's in the Chocolate" by Joanne Winetzki.
Winter 2009
Features "San Francisco Open Cathedral and Night Ministry" by
Joanne Winetzki, and "The Secret Justice" by Rev. Dr. Bruce G. Epperly.
Summer 2009
Features "The Biblical Foundation of the New Thought Movement"
by Rev. Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin.
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