July-September 2003

Volume 15, Number 3




C*NAQ's New Zip Code!


C*NAQ's zip code only has changed. We are still at PO Box 276, still in Clifton, New Jersey. Just one wee digit is different, a shift from 07011 to 07015. See details in this issue! Check out especially "Through the Editor's Eyes." But, in any event, do make note of our new address!

The Illusion of Soul
Anatman and the Story of Caloric

Robert Arias

So, do we have a soul? Such seems the premise of Christianity. But what, then, are we to make of the teachings of Buddha, specifically his teachings on anatman, or no-soul? Robert Arias suggests that the whole debate between having a soul and having no soul is much the same as the story of caloric, a hypothetical substance once adopted by chemists to explain the phenomenon of heat. In the end, the very question may be more a subject of balance, given the context of the times, than a truth pronounced for all generations.

Through the Editor's Eyes

Doing War and Swapping Zip Codes

Catherine Groves

Catherine Groves opens with a brief look at war, specifically the US declaration of war on Iraq and its aftermath. Following is an update on C*NAQ's change of zip code. Christian*New Age Quarterly's address has altered, but by just one wee digit as the former zip code of 07011 becomes the current 07015.

Tai Chi and Christianity

Sally Campbell

What does the practice of Tai chi have in common with Christianity? Sally Campbell treats us to a glimpse of the discipline acquired through Tai chi — a discipline that mirrors Christian growth. In particular, the Form "Push Hands" displays how perfect yielding, achieved through the practice of unity, awareness, relaxation, alignment, balance and groundedness, is the very strength that wins life over death.

A Pensive Pause

According to the Flesh, According to the Spirit

John W. Groff, Jr.

Father John W. Groff, Jr. reminds us "there are no accidents" in this Pensive Pause which juxtaposes Romans 7:21-8:6 and a letter received from a friend in prison. Reflecting on these passages in Paul's Letter to the Romans, Father Groff draws parallels between the self in its battle against the Self within us and Romans 7:22-23: "For I am delighted with the law of God according to the inner man, but I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner to the law of sin that is in my members."

Back Issue Special

If you missed earlier issues of Christian*New Age Quarterly, this may be the ideal opportunity to complete your collection at a very affordable price!

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

The Reverend Daniel B. Hahn reviews A Monk in the World: Cultivating a Spiritual Life by Brother Wayne Teasdale. A compelling book, the Reverend Hahn recommends all read it to learn how to integrate polarities: a crucial awareness given our contemporary world. Dan Hahn sees this book as the essential corrective to the "pseudo-consciousness ... offered all too often" today.

A Christian Obstacle to Peace

Alan Bentz-Letts

Protestant Chaplain at Hofstra University and occasional author for Christian*New Age Quarterly, the Reverend Dr. Alan Bentz-Letts offers a way past exclusivistic Christian claims that Jesus is the one way to God. Suggested is tolerance and understanding of all faith traditions as equally valid, sufficient paths.

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