Summer/Autumn 2016

Volume 22, Numbers 3 and 4

Christian*New Age Quarterly's special double issue
(Do read the description of "Through the Editor's Eyes" to learn more.)

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Through the Editor's Eyes

A Double Issue
What a Revolting Development This Is!

Catherine Groves

For this "Through the Editor's Eyes," Catherine Groves explains the reason for our first-ever double issue. "Why? Necessity is the mother of invention." Groves goes on to describe how Dr. Robert M. Price's "Proto-Mark" is "quite a bit longer than our usual essays.... Put that together with the rest of the content slated for release, and what we have here would be physically impossible for me to fold and saddle-stitch."

Groves then turns to an aspect of "Proto-Mark" she finds particularly compelling, and offers her own look at Jesus and the Cleansing of the Temple as it is portrayed in Mark 11:15-16. Suffice it to say, it's highly unlikely one would hear this vantage delivered from the pulpit come Sunday morning. By applying a methodological approach to the study of the Bible, Groves hopes we might better understand the distinctions between the Jesus Christ of history and the Jesus Christ of faith.

A Conjectural Reconstruction

Robert M. Price

That Dr. Robert M. Price is a preeminent Biblical scholar shines forth in his groundbreaking opus, The Pre-Nicene New Testament. Reviewed by the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn in C*NAQ's November 2007-May 2008 issue, The Pre-Nicene New Testament includes, as well as retranslates, the traditional twenty-seven New Testament books — and twenty-seven other writings that inspired early Christians before the canon as we know it today was established. One day, as Catherine Groves was studying Price's interpretive translation of the Gospel according to Mark, she found herself wondering how Price would render Mark before it began morphing into the Gospel we read in our era. And so was born "Proto-Mark: A Conjectural Reconstruction."

A Pensive Pause

Perseverance is Power

Joanne Winetzki

Puzzled by Tom Hanks' response when asked by TV interviewer James Lipton to reveal the secret of his success, Joanne Winetzki was spurred to rethink her understanding of a term. Tom Hanks' one-word response? "Perseverance." That served as Winetzki's inspiration for her "Pensive Pause" this time around. Readers will join her as she explores the power of perseverance.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness, by Loch Kelly is the subject of the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's review. Hahn muses about his mental chatter and asks, "Wouldn't it be nice to shed the mental chatter like a raincoat on a dry day, and hang it up somewhere until, if ever, it's really needed?" According to Hahn, Loch Kelly's Shift Into Freedom provides a path to awake awareness, with easy-to-read guidance and quickly accomplished exercises that give glimpses, allowing us to turn our attention back to the moment, the now of our being.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

"The Letters Library" this time around features the thoughts of Wendell E. Wilkinson — the letter that, in part, inspired "Proto-Mark: A Conjectural Reconstruction." Cher Gilmore of Share International USA, Joanne Winetzki, the Reverend Frederick Moe, M. Michel Landaiche, III, and more round out an unusually perceptive "Letters Library."


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