October-December 2004

Volume 16, Number 4




Bultmannism and Buddhism

Robert M. Price

Dr. Robert M. Price discusses the implications of "New Testament and Mythology," a 1941 essay by Protestant theologian Rudolf Bultmann, which called for the demythologizing of the New Testament. Then Price asks, what "if a world religion ... were to embrace the Bultmannian perspective?" Buddhism, Price suggests, does just that, making "the Bultmannian distinction between the genuine stumbling-block of the gospel (or dharma) and the false stumbling-block of parochial worldviews."

The Jesus Seminar Takes
a Bite of the Big Apple

Alan Bentz-Letts
Ralph Peters

As described in this essay, the Jesus Seminar is "a self-selected group of biblical, historical and theological scholars who [seek] to evaluate the sayings of and stories about Jesus for historical authenticity." March 2004 marked the first Jesus Seminar Conference to be held in New York City. The Conference, cosponsored by the New York Open Center, proposed inquiry into "The Future of the Judeo-Christian Tradition in the Second Axial Age." Coauthored by the Reverend Dr. Alan Bentz-Letts, a longstanding and frequent author in the pages of C*NAQ, and Dr. Ralph Peters, "The Jesus Seminar Takes a Bite of the Big Apple" provides a fascinating, thoughtful glimpse at an organization that spearheads much of contemporary critical biblical scholarship through the eyes of two attendees.

A Pensive Pause

Keep Listening!

Joanne Winetzki

An author new to the pages of C*NAQ, Joanne Winetzki offers "Keep Listening!" a delightful reflection on creative truth occasioned by her admiration for concert pianist Garrick Ohlsson's performance of Chopin.

A Peek Between the Covers

Mark Pitstick

For this "Peek," Dr. Mark R. Pitstick reviews Messages From The Masters, by Brian Weiss, MD, a Yale Medical School graduate and former Chair of Mount Sinai Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry in Miami. This title presents Weiss' research into "past-life regressions, prebirth memories, xenoglossy, near-death experiences, and gifted mediums." The findings of Weiss support the position that life does not start at birth or stop at death, according to Pitstick. "We each are safely and inextricably interwoven with All That Is."

The Passion as Entertainment

Crucifixion & Buttered Popcorn

Robert Arias

C*NAQ readers know Rob Arias as a research neurophysiologist, a brilliant author, and an individual with deep insight into and passion for the profound themes embedded in religious traditions. Who would have thought he is also an avid aficionado of the cinema? This delightful look at Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ begins with an overview of Christ-story movies, explores the film itself, and then reflects on its context vis-à-vis popular contemporary culture. This essay combines the best of critical observation, knowledge, and personal insight.

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