January-March 2000

Volume 12, Number 1




Through the Editor's Eyes

That Sigh of Peace

Catherine Groves Catherine takes a deep look at her life and asks, "Why do I do what I do?" Part and parcel of her question is an observation upon what a meaningful frame of reference would imply.

Many Believe
– It's Time to
Be Love

Gary E. Headley As we enter the Third Millennium of Christianity, Gary explores what having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ entails and concludes that the doing of those things Jesus would want us to do is vital. Gary suggests that while it's great to believe in Jesus, the time has come for Third Millennium Christians to be love.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn For our "Christian Focus" Peek, the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn reviews a popular, if controversial, book by Bishop John Shelby Spong, Why Christianity Must Change or Die: A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile. Both personal and perceptive, this is a piece C*NAQ readers won't want to miss.

A Pensive Pause

Only the Mountain Remains

John W. Groff, Jr. In our April-June '97 issue, we first met Gail, a retreatant at The Center (an intensive meditation program run by Father John W. Groff, Jr.) and a subject of Father Groff's Pensive Pause, "So Enters the Elephant." At that time Father Groff wrote, "When she left I knew again why it is that I do what I do."

And now we meet with Gail again, sharing a new understanding of her through Father Groff's relationship with her as she faced her final hours, a victim of cancer, with the peace and calm assurance that comes from identifying not with a physical body undergoing decay, but with an everlasting Self who at last can become who she truly is.

More Peeking Between The Covers

Mark Pitstick Dr. Mark R. Pitstick is a writer new to the pages of Christian*New Age Quarterly, although our readers will recall him as the author of Toward Heaven on Earth, the focus of our October-December '99 "Peek Between the Covers." For this issue's "New Age Views" Peek, Mark has selected for review The Case for Reincarnation by the Reverend James Dillet Freeman.

The Healing Christ and the Power of Chi

Bruce G. Epperly In this essay, Bruce G. Epperly, an author well known to readers of Christian*New Age Quarterly, examines the healing ministry of Jesus and his early disciples in light of the Chinese concept of chi. Bruce speculates that the rediscovery of Jesus' healing ministry in conjunction with the resurgence of interest on Eastern and wholistic curative arts may serve as a bridge between both East and West and between technological and spiritual approaches to medicine.

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