October-December 1998

Volume 10, Number 4




Through the Editor's Eyes

Each a Different Kind

Catherine Groves Our editor looks at the nature of the differences entailed in calling oneself "a Christian" or "a New Ager," with a look to the future of the New Age Movement, as well as a retrospective glance at the Sixties Generation.

Finding the Way on Judgment Day

Mary Fogarty An internet conversation between a Christian minister and New Ager sparks a personal exploration of the author's beliefs.

A Pensive Pause

A Letter from a Father to His Son

John W. Groff, Jr. Father Groff gives advice to his adult son, who is beginning a conscious search for spiritual meaning.
There's a Mess in Here, But No Messiah Robert M. Price Dr. Price outlays his theory of a "comparative paradigm for messianism, a conceptual scheme drawn from the study of various messianic movements throughout world history."

A Peek Between the Covers

Darla Sims Darla Sims reviews a bestseller: The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin.

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