January-March 2005

Volume 17, Number 1




Jesus as Rorschach

Robert Arias

Who was the historical figure we know as Jesus Christ? In this introspective essay, Rob Arias explores the work of scholars and asks, "Who was this Galilean? A prophet in the ancient Jewish vein? Elija come back to restore Israel? A political revolutionary? A vagabond beggar? A charlatan exorcist? Just another charismatic psychotic who thought he might be King?" Steeped in Roman Catholicism, Arias took for granted the church's portrait of Jesus until a tragedy triggered a search for the presence behind the story — a journey to the roots of what can be known.

A Pensive Pause

An Eschatological Laundry List

John Groff

Readers who miss the every-issue regularity of Father Groff's writings for C*NAQ will especially delight in this wonderful piece! "An Eschatological Laundry List" offers the fifteen premises underlying Groff's understanding of spirituality, an understanding shared by many inclined toward a unitive vision of reality.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

The subject of the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's "Peek" for our January-March 2005 issue is crucial, timely, and much on the minds of many of us. Is Religion Killing Us?: Violence in the Bible and the Quran by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer examines the underpinnings of violence in our world. Hahn's excellent critique of this title is pointed and vital to interfaith dialog.

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