Autumn 2017
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Volume 23, Number 2

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Belief as a Journey

Judith Eir Landaiche

SHE'S BACK! When Judith Eir Landaiche, Christian*New Age Quarterly's Editorial Assistant, suddenly passed away in February 2015, she had spent a number of months composing an essay titled "Belief as a Journey" for this publication. Indeed, she had just rediscovered — with joy and excitement — the Joseph Campbell video series The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers, and believed this, finally, would give her newfound direction to bring her piece to fruition. After her death, Mick Landaiche, her nephew, compiled her notes about the material she had wished to incorporate; then he worked them into "Belief as a Journey." Then Catherine Groves began the arduous task of editing and polishing this, Judith's last essay, without the benefit of having the author's input on the proposed changes. The result is this beautiful and final essay to come from the pen of Judith Eir Landaiche.

Through the Editor's Eyes

Demented Vines and Rhythmic Patterns

Catherine Groves

"Demented Vines"? "Rhythmic Patterns"? Judith Eir Landaiche described the process of writing "Belief as a Journey" as confronting demented vines, which would introduce layers upon layers of extending directions to pursue as she tried to formulate this piece. Yet Judith, a dancer, discovered the interconnecting rhythmic patterns underlying her Journey. In this "Through the Editor's Eyes," Catherine Groves explains the challenges of editing the essay.

A Pensive Pause

No Regerts!

Joanne Winetzki

"No Regerts!" is not some careless typo. Instead, Joanne Winetzki, in seeking to help a friend struggling with regrets from the past, came upon the idea of using humor. She suggests that accepting what is with amusement and compassion can make it easier to let go of what was expected.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

The Reverend Daniel B. Hahn reminisces about his days in seminary in the 1970s and recalls the impact of what Max Weber called "disenchantment of the world." Hahn offers the thought that "the empirical and the ethereal must be able to dialogue" if we are to experience meaning and purpose in life. Leslie Kean's Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife attempts to do just that, writes Hahn. Kean is a journalist whose profession mandates a healthy skepticism. Covering past-life memories, near-death experiences, mental mediumship and visitations from beyond, Surviving Death analytically establishes that evidence for an afterlife does indeed exist.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

This time we hear from Joanne Winetzki, the Reverend David Brock and N. Michel Landaiche, III, who comment on essays featured in the Summer 2017 issue. Wendell E. Wilkinson shares his own aging experiences in response to Catherine Groves' Summer 2017 editorial "The End Unravels the Beginning."


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