April-June 2005

Volume 17, Number 2




Distinguishing Faith from Belief

Robert Arias

Belief and faith are terms often used synonymously. But do they reflect the same aspects of the spiritual journey? In this thought-provoking essay, Rob Arias proposes that belief and faith are quite divergent components of the religious experience.

A Tale of Saint Iodasaph

Temptations Must Come

Robert M. Price

Now, a decade since the last appearance of the column, Dr. Robert M. Price treats us to a new "Tale of Saint Iodasaph"! As they journey up the harsh, windswept, rocky mountain path, Saint Iodasaph and his young companion are presented with a test. The event leads the old Saint to recount to the boy the story of another temptation: a tale of the bodhisattva Jesus.

The History of the Saint

Readers who have not yet made the acquaintance of Saint Iodasaph are in for a treat! An intermittent column that ran from our January-March 1991 through our October-December 1994 issues, "A Tale of Saint Iodasaph" was inspired by the accidental Christianization of a Buddhist legend. Now, after ten years, the Saint returns! In these new tales, Price weaves together Eastern and Western wisdom using as mouthpiece the curious historical happenstance of a Buddhist protagonist from the Jataka Tales canonized as a Christian saint.

A Pensive Pause

Got Joy?

Joanne Winetzki

Who among us could say we have an overabundance of joy in our lives? Still, no matter our circumstances, joy is an experience we can cultivate. For this "Pensive Pause," Joanne Winetzki suggests that "true joy comes from actively engaging in the creative process day by day," that "we create joy by infusing what we do with that spiritual being we truly are."

A Peek Between the Covers

Mark Pitstick

This marks the final review of Dr. Mark R. Pitstick as Christian*New Age Quarterly's "New Age Views" Book Reviewer. Fittingly, Pitstick has saved one of his favorite books for last! Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D. describes how Newton stumbled upon a form of spiritual regression therapy that allows him to explore the "life between lives," as Pitstick puts it, of a client under hypnosis.

The Letters Library

A delightful collection of our readers' thoughts are featured in this issue! Wendell E. Wilkinson reflects, "While the masses are mostly just looking for the one right doctrine and their ticket to heaven, the rest of us read Christian*New Age Quarterly and endlessly continue our search in a huge variety of ways." Then Wilkinson shares his thoughts about Milarepa, whom he considers "the Christ of Tibet." In addition, Rachel Layton tells of her reactions upon reading Father John Groff's most recent "Pensive Pause: An Eschatological Laundry List" (see the January-March 2005 issue of C*NAQ).

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