July-September 2000

Volume 12, Number 3




Through the Editor's Unknowing Eyes

Catherine Groves Catherine Groves reflects on her passage from holding convictions to embracing beliefs and shares how the former was, well, fun! Still, the latter grants some much appreciated immunity to a certain kind of pitfall which often accompanies the knowledge of truth: self-satisfaction at being one of the "us" who know at the expense of the "them" who don't.

The Purpose of the Aged

Victor M. Depta In a corporate and capitalistic society, what is the purpose of those past the prime of productivity, the aged? Vic Depta offers an impassioned look at what it means to be elderly in this society ... and the one hidden purpose the aged do serve, whether we dare acknowledge it or not.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn With his usual acuity and humor, the Reverend Dan Hahn reviews Divine Interventions: True Stories of Mystery and Miracles That Change Lives, by Dan Millman and Doug Childers. But what does "divine intervention" mean to a postmodern consciousness that has "banished the divine to the realms of imagination, hope and memory" for over 350 years? Dan Hahn's insightful critique not only clarifies Divine Interventions, but too raises vital theological questions.

A Pensive Pause


John W. Groff, Jr. In a first-ever for Christian*New Age Quarterly, we're publishing an interview —with Father John W. Groff, Jr. on the subject of awakening, especially as pertains to the wave of spiritual enlightenment in the contemporary Western world.

More Peeking Between the Covers

L. David Moore A frequent contributor to the pages of Christian*New Age Quarterly, L. David Moore reviews ENERGY BLESSINGS from the STARS, by Virginia Essene and Irving Feurst. In this in-depth critique, Dave shares his own experiences, and those of his wife Jan, in receiving these special BLESSINGS — a "New Age transformation" which Dave describes as "subtle and personal."

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