Spring 2018
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Volume 23, Number 3

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Allowing Signs and Wonders

Frederick Moe

We "more elder people," as a friend refers to seniors, will recall that unforgettable song, "American Pie." Singer and songwriter Don McLean explained his method of writing lyrics as being especially careful "not to destroy the magic." Perhaps he meant that when magic happens, we must embrace and savor it, appreciating the gift with acceptance. The Reverend Frederick Moe nails it perfectly when he describes his reaction to the wondrous during a Passover Seder. What is equally commendable are the practical but compassionate recommendations he sets forth regarding the building of his ministry. My neighbor is Wiccan; my friend Betty, a devout Catholic; and friends Don and Jim dedicate hours of service to their Protestant church. All of them would be most comfortable as members of Moe's healthy congregation. (Description composed by Joanne Winetzki)

A Pensive Pause

Leap Forward like a Frog

Joanne Winetzki

Relentless media advertising bombards us, promising a return to youthful vim and vigor when we try their money-back-guaranteed products. However, is that direction the reverse of the best course of action? Would a more useful application of our energy be to advance forward? Like frogs, we might be better off anticipating changes and adapting to them. Joanne Winetzki reminds us to follow nature's way.

A Peek Between the Covers

Joanne Winetzki

According to Joanne Winetzki, A Spiritual Look at the 12 Signs: An Introduction to Spiritual Astrology is not your usual astrology book. Author Joseph Polansky explains his intention of clearing up misunderstandings about this spiritual science. He asks readers to let go of prior misconceptions and accompany him on an exploration of soul journeys through the zodiac. Polansky regards the characteristic behaviors associated with each sign as Divine gifts when used in a positive manner. Subsequent chapters include topics, such as appropriate meditations for each sign, health tips, suitable career choices, beneficial herbs and even reflexology points. Both aficionados and the merely curious will enjoy this informative, lively excursion through the zodiac.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

While it is too early to know what contributors to this issue's column will have on their minds, C*NAQ readers are known for sharing wonderful feedback and stimulating ideas.


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