October-December 2002

Volume 14, Number 4




Through the Editor's Eyes

Assumptions in the Nexus

Catherine Groves

Catherine reflects on the core assumptions shared by Christians and New Agers that give rise to a strikingly similar perspective, despite Christian/New Age differences on the particulars within their respective schools of thought.

On the Limitations of Belief Systems

A Meditation on Gödel

Robert Arias

What if proved was that no formal system is complete in and of itself? Kurt Gödel's famous incompleteness theorum mathematically proves that while a truth can be known from a vantage point outside a formal system, paradoxes arise when attempting to prove a system's assumptions from within the system itself. What impact does this have upon religious belief systems, which are best defined as formal systems? Robert Arias explores this question with surprising conclusions.

A Pensive Pause

The Perfect Place

John W. Groff, Jr.

What do Fr. John W. Groff, Jr., a Japanese Garden in the heart of Alabama, and a leather-jacketed, Harley-Davidson biker sporting a beer belly and a vulgar T-shirt share in common? They all come together in "The Perfect Place."

A Peek Between the Covers

Mark Pitstick

Dr. Mark R. Pitstick reviews of The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. Tolle, believing that all spiritual teachings come from a single source, speaks of how he experienced a personal transformation that is possible for all people.

The Nature of God & Gaia

Jesse Wolf Hardin

Jesse Wolf Hardin, founder of The Earthen Spirituality Project, offers us a delightful reflection on those earth-centered voices both Christians and New Agers will find refreshing and insightful.

The Letters Library

An outstanding selection of letters from our readers explore issues raised in our last issue from quite different perspectives. If the heart of a periodical can be discerned from the thoughts of our readers, this is not a "Letters Library" to be missed!


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