Spring 2017
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Volume 23, Number 1

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Why Can't We Think Outside the Box?

Frederick Moe

The Reverend Frederick Moe reminisces about his early days in school, then reflects upon his education in later years. Of that journey Moe writes, "Our tasks during the passage to adulthood are centered upon individuation. What I was witnessing in my peers, though I could not have articulated it at the time, was a slow march toward the hive mind." Moe's narrative continues until we are stopped short as he observes, "Why can't we think outside the box? The question itself is misleading." Now that the Spring 2017 issue has been released, readers will have the opportunity to enjoy Moe's conclusion.

A Pensive Pause

Simply Simplify

Joanne Winetzki

Most of us have too much stuff, excessive baggage that has "our bodies, minds and spirits on overload," as Joanne Winetzki puts it. Not only does household clutter seemingly multiply like dust bunnies underneath the beds, but too our thoughts often become overloaded with gotta, musta, oughta admonitions: societal, advertorial — even medical — pressures advising us we aren't measuring up to their often arbitrary standards. Likewise, our minds tend to hang on to worn out resentments, hurts and grievances from the past. Yet what if we were to heed the advice of Buddhists? According to Jack Kornfield in Buddha's Little Instruction Book, "The Buddhists tell us: 'Simplicity brings more happiness than complexity.'" In this "Pensive Pause," Winetzki ponders how we can "Simply Simplify."

A Peek Between the Covers

Joanne Winetzki

For her Spring 2017 "Peek Between the Covers," Joanne Winetzki has chosen to review Whispers from the Earth: Teaching Stories from the Ancestors Beautifully Woven for Today's Spiritual Seekers, by Taz Thornton. According to Winetzki, fairy tales, legends and myths live on through generations as they commonly hold universal truths. "Whichever teachings you find, the ones you notice — the ones that land in your heart — will absolutely be the ones you need," says Thornton. Winetzki explains that the author's stories are retold from channeled spirits of the ancient past and the land. Thornton heightens the social applicability of the contents with the inclusion of several contemporary tales written by her students. "The Wildfowler's Tale" by Tony Richardson, for example, presents a moving commentary on the relentless pursuit of productivity that diminishes livelihoods and the quality of life in local communities.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

In this issue, we hear from Father John W. Groff, Jr. as well as the Reverend Frederick Moe, our Director of Communications, who explains some of the barriers he's encountered while working to enhance dialog between Christians and New Agers. In addition, Wendell E. Wilkinson raises some fascinating thoughts and questions about William Tyndale's translation of the Bible into English in the early fifteen hundreds; Editor Catherine Groves responds.


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