Winter 2010

Volume 19, Number 4

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The Retreat from Radical Prayer

The New Testament Evolution

Robert M. Price

A careful scrutiny of the New Testament, according to Dr. Robert M. Price, displays the "cooling of sectarian zeal typical of all new religious movements." In this thoughtful and comprehensive exploration, Dr. Price traces initial sizzling faith in the power of prayer through the shrinking confidence that accompanies accommodation to the norms of society as time passes. Filled with examinations of numerous passages, "The Retreat from Radical Prayer" reveals the layers of redaction — or editing — that eventuated in the scripture familiar to us today. As "New Agers with Christian leanings often champion an allegorical or spiritual reading of scripture," readers of both Christian and New Age persuasions will discover myriad insights into common suppositions about positive affirmation and prayer.

A Peek Between the Covers

Joanne Winetzki

Alberto Villoldo, PhD, in The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers describes the Laika Wisdomkeepers, who practice a deep understanding of earth-oriented spirituality. Joanne Winetzki shares her thoughts on this fascinating book. And The Four Insights, as Winetzki relates, holds a most timely message: "the Laika believe we are at a turning point in human history, and explain the significance of the year 2012 as the culmination of a period of much turmoil. According to Villoldo, humanity has the opportunity to make a quantum leap forward in evolution, by implementing the wisdom the Earthkeepers are willing to impart."

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak their minds

A particularly lively exchange ignited over Catherine Groves' "The Desecration of Ground Zero," which appeared in our Autumn 2010 C*NAQ Plus supplement. Contributors to this discussion included Father John W. Groff, Jr., Judith Landaiche, Nemour Landaiche, Elihu Edelson of Both Sides Now, and Joanne Winetzki. In addition, Wendell E. Wilkinson mused about Robert M. Price's "Loose Canon" from our Summer 2010 issue, as well as shared his own extensive studies on the historicity — or lack thereof — underlying the stories contained within the world's scriptures.

A Pensive Pause

A Long Stride of Spirit

Joanne Winetzki

For her Winter 2010 "Pensive Pause," Joanne Winetzki contemplates the risks — and gains — that accompany "A Long Stride of Spirit." In the Western Hemisphere, one might call it "going out on a limb." Yet in many African tongues, risk is called "a long stride of spirit," which leads to quite different insights. 


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