October-December 1999

Volume 11, Number 4




Who is the Antichrist?

Gary E. Headley Founder and editor of the now extinct publication, The Mystic Christian Reader, Gary E. Headley shares his most timely thoughts on the Antichrist just as we're all looking toward Y2K, and some in the Christian community wonder if the appearance of the Antichrist isn't every bit as imminent.

A Pensive Pause

A Crack in the Mind

John W. Groff, Jr. "What are you, cracked in the head?" Not many people would take kindly to that question. Who, after all, thinks "A Crack in the Mind" is a good thing to have? Of course Father John W. Groff, Jr. just might have an unusual slant on the subject. To find out what that could be, check out our next "Pensive Pause."

This is How Jesus Comes into the World

William R. Stimson While we are approaching Y2K, we are also returning to the Christmas Season. Drawing from Matthew's nativity scene, William R. Stimson, an author new to Christian*New Age Quarterly, reflects upon the small, often unnoticed movements of the Spirit in our lives.

Third Eye in the Back of Your Head

Robert M. Price In this thought-provoking and most challenging essay, Robert M. Price asks if recent experiments in science regarding the stimulation of the superior parietal lobule might account for our experience of God. Is God "himself a function of the brain?" Even more provocative, "Is there a God outside the [brain] nexus? And does it matter?"

But What about Grace?

Dan Hahn The Reverend Daniel B. Hahn, Lutheran minister and C*NAQ Book Reviewer, recently attended a seminar at the Omega Institute, sponsored by HeartMath. Powerful techniques, founded on the synchronization of brain and heart rhythms, were presented. While clearly a valuable experience for Dan, the challenge arises out of the research: "But what about grace? ... What if love is a poetic name for what is, at its core, a physiological process?" To answer his own inner questions, Dan draws from William James' "The Will to Believe" and arrives at a stunningly simple response.

A Peek Between the Covers

Darla Sims I imagine we will all miss Darla Sims, who is resigning as our "New Age Views" Book Reviewer. For her last "Peek Between the Covers," Darla has selected Toward Heaven on Earth, by Dr. Mark R. Pitstick. Hers is a finale readers will want to savor!

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