Summer 2015

Volume 22, Number 1

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The Atoning Power of Myth

Robert M. Price

In his Winter 2014 essay, "The Mythic Power of the Atonement," Dr. Robert M. Price speculated that the value of the atonement of Christ would not be diminished, even if it turns out that there was no historical Jesus. But how? In "The Atoning Power of Myth," Price posits that three discrete schools of thought — gnosticism, mystery religions and hero cults — framed the understanding of Jesus as a dying and rising savior. According to Price, by examining the significance mythic atonement held for these three ancient movements we can discover how the same dynamic underlies Christianity as we know it today.

A Pensive Pause

Nature's Gentle Therapy

Joanne Winetzki

Joanne Winetzki explores laughter as a means to health and well-being, and examines how it plays a role in Western and Eastern cultures. A delightful cartoon contributed by Kyle Remington Walsh adds to the playful nature of this essay.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

Christian*New Age Quarterly has an enduring fascination with the accidental Christianization of Gautama Buddha — an interest chiefly inspired by Dr. Robert M. Price's long-running "Tales of Saint Iodasaph" series. And so it seems only fitting that the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn would chose to review In Search of the Christian Buddha by Peggy McCracken and Donald S. Lopez Jr. Subtitled How an Asian Sage Became a Medieval Saint, the book delves into the history of the figure C*NAQ readers know as Saint Iodasaph.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

In addition to the stimulating ideas readers share, many thoughts turn toward the passing, reported in the Spring 2015 C*NAQ Plus, of Judith Eir Landaiche, our long-time Editorial Assistant.


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