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Summer 2017
Catherine Groves' "Through the Editor's Eyes: The End Unravels the
Beginning" offers an unusual spin on envisioning aging. When we are little,
we have much to learn, for examples: gurgling noises are replaced by words
and crawling gives way to walking. But the very skills we worked so hard to
gain are the very ones that tend to fade in our golden years. Just as the child
is meant to grow, the senior is meant to relinquish, accepting what we might
otherwise call "losses" as simply a part of our human nature. In addition,
Father John W. Groff, Jr., shares his journey after suddenly losing everything
he held most dear in "Morning and Midnight in the Garden of Eden,"
originally published in our April-June 2003 issue.
Winter 2016
Might it be possible "that the stories we tell about ourselves are far more
self-defining than the life we do, in fact, lead?" That is the question Catherine
Groves explores in "Through the Editor's Eyes: Sounding the Self-Myth."
And Robert Arias' "Gasping in the Canyon," originally published in our
July-September 2004 issue, explores the significance of suffering in the
process of spiritual growth — all against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon.
Spring 2016
After Catherine Groves discusses the fundamental shift in the way people
communicate today, she announces Christian*New Age Quarterly's social media
presence in "Through the Editor's Eyes: C*NAQ on Facebook? Really?" Then
Frederick Moe shares his poignant and personal spiritual journey in "God of
My Father." And, for our blast from the past, we find Robert Arias "Thirsting
in the Vortex," which was first published in Christian*New Age Quarterly's
April-June 2004 issue.
Autumn 2015
Catherine Groves opened with "Through the Editor's Eyes: What's the Matter
with Me?" — a somewhat tongue-in-cheek, somewhat deeply serious look at
the challenges of running Christian*New Age Quarterly without the help of
Judith Eir Landaiche, C*NAQ's long-time Editorial Assistant. In honor of
the late Judith, her "Madam, Can You Stand Some Change?" served as our
featured reprint. Two more blasts from the past — "A Tale of Saint
Iodasaph: The Scripture is Fulfilled" by Robert M. Price and Groves'
"Through the Editor's Eyes," the latter from our October-December 1991
issue — made for an interesting array of takes on the topic of transformation.
Spring 2015
In the midst of a season of work on this issue, Judith Eir Landaiche,
C*NAQ's long-time Editorial Assistant, suddenly passed away, as
Catherine Groves describes in "Go, So They Can Dance." Groves also
offers, "What's the Matter with You?" (and it's not about what readers
might expect). Our featured reprint, "Confessions of a Christianophobe"
by N. Michel Landaiche, III, hails from our October-December 1992
issue and wraps up this Plus.
Autumn 2014
Is a departed  loved one still "here" — or gone forever? In "The Afterlife,"
Catherine Groves wonders about our continued existence upon death. Also
featured is the reprint of Robert M. Price's "The Christ Myth and the
Christian Goddess," first published in our October-December 1992 issue.
Spring 2014
In her delightful "Through the Assistant Editor's Eyes," Judith Eir Landaiche
offers thoughts on revisiting former years and exploring the wealth of experience
they bring. Looking back to the early years of C*NAQ, she describes the
growth-spurring challenges of dialog that serve as "A Transformative Crucible."
In addition, Saint Iodasaph returns! Our featured reprint this time around is
Robert M. Price's "Tales of Saint Iodasaph: The Transformation Body."
Autumn 2013
As Catherine Groves sees it, the pace of technology is driving the cultures of
our world into an ever-accelerating frenzy, and we are apparently quite deeply
enveloped in the phenomenon. Indeed, it would seem time itself is speeding up.
Groves' "Through the Editor's Eyes: The Further Faster Frenzy" explores how
this is impacting us as a species and what it could mean for our spiritual journey.
Our featured reprint for this issue is the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's "Brainwaves
of Reason, Brainwaves of Spirit," originally published in our January-March 1997
Spring 2013
In "The Cast," Catherine Groves shares her reflections on the iconic cast of
characters  from The Andy Griffith Show as a backdrop to discussing how the best
writers for C*NAQ often arise from within the readership — and go on to become
familiar regulars. This issue also presents two reprints from past issues: "Proposing
A Bridge When The Other Sees No Divide," by N. Michel Landaiche, III, and
"Afterthoughts," by Catherine Groves.
Autumn 2012
In "The End Always Nears Until It Comes," Catherine Groves juxtaposes the
imminent end of the world that some had believed would occur on December 21, 2012
with the personal end we face as we journey through what Jane Fonda calls "Life's
third act." Running with the theme, the issue replays the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's
"Peek" at Ram Dass' Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying from our
January-March 2001 issue.
Spring 2012
Catherine Groves explores the impact we might expect eBook technology to have,
especially on alternative spiritualities, in "To e or not to e." And in celebration of
the release of Dr. Robert M. Price's eBook Biblical Buddhism: Tales and Sermons
of Saint Iodasaph,
we revisit the origins of the venerable Saint in "A Sermon of Saint
Iodasaph: The Great Commandment" from the January-March 1991 issue of C*NAQ.
Autumn 2011
Catherine Groves shares an eye-opening discussion about the singularity of emotion
and the oneness of us all in "A Talk with my Son." Featured, as our reprint from
C*NAQ's early days, is "Scapegoat, Redeemer, Traveler: A Perspective on the
Shaman," by Nemour Landaiche.
Spring 2011
In "Having The Last Word," Catherine Groves explores the importance of stories
in our lives, drawing from the rich plenty of Star Trek. Our featured blast from the
past is Father John W. Groff, Jr's "Three Funerals and a Wedding" — a delightfully
humorous reflection on liturgical blunders.
Autumn 2010
Subsequent to its release, "The Desecration of Ground Zero" by Catherine Groves
received outstanding coverage by independent reviewers; in this editorial, Groves
examines the fear, ignorance and rage that ignited the uproar against building a Moslem
house of worship near the site of the 9/11 Twin Towers attack. Also features "Planet
Alabama Spinning Toward the End" by Father John W. Groff, Jr.
Spring 2010
Features "A Way of Words" by Catherine Groves, as well as a favorite blast from
the past: "... so we can teach them peace and union" by Father John W. Groff, Jr.

Autumn 2009
Includes "And So It Comes Full Circle" by Catherine Groves, as well as a featured
reprint — "While the Editor Wasn't Looking" by Judith Eir Landaiche — from
Christian*New Age Quarterly's archives.
Early Winter 2009
Our very first C*NAQ Plus includes "An Uneasy Road, but Back on Track (I think)"
by Catherine Groves, with featured reprint "The Dance of the Platypus, Sister Moon,
and All That Stuff
(God Isn't Lonely Anymore)" by Edward Kline.

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