Spring 2014

Volume 21, Number 2+




Through the Editorial Assistant's Eyes

A Transformative Crucible

Judith Eir Landaiche

Judith Eir Landaiche, our Editorial Assistant, offers thoughts on revisiting former years and exploring the wealth of experience they bring. She shares a conversation with Catherine Groves on the importance, past and present, of C*NAQ, in which our editor expresses her views on the growth-spurring challenges of dialog, as well as her determination to ensure the essays Christian*New Age Quarterly presents are of the highest quality in content and style.

The Tales of Saint Iodasaph

The Transformation Body

Robert M. Price

Our Winter 2013 issue featured Robert M. Price's "The Lotus and the Logos: The Saddharma-Pundarika as a Source for Christianity," an exploration of the possibility that the Buddhist Lotus Sutra influenced Christian scripture. Longtime readers of Christian*New Age Quarterly will recall Price's "Tales of Saint Iodasaph," a series about a hypothetical Christian/Buddhist saint. And so we're treating readers to a repeat of a favorite from our October-December 1991 issue, "The Transformation Body," where the good Saint tells the story of the transcendent appearance of holy figures before the disciples, as described in the Gospel according to  Mark — but with a decidedly Buddhist twist.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

This time around we hear from The Reverend Brian E. Sterley of Somerset West, South Africa; Wendell E. Wilkinson; Judith Eir Landaiche; Father John W. Groff, Jr.; Rodney Leighton, publisher of The Life of Rodney, N. Michel Landaiche, III, and more!


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