Autumn 2014

Volume 21, Number 3+




Through the Editor's Eyes

The Afterlife

Catherine Groves

Catherine Groves shares her disquieting concern about the existence of an afterlife, particularly when a loved one dies. Is the departed still "here" — or gone forever?

The Christ Myth and the Christian Goddess

Robert M. Price


Our blast from the past this time around, "The Christ Myth and the Christian Goddess," was first published in our October-December 1992 issue. We decided to reprint this delightful essay from our early years especially to set the stage for Robert M. Price's Winter 2014 contribution to C*NAQ, "The Mythic Power of the Atonement."

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

The conversation swirls around the material we published in the Summer 2014 issue, with commentary by N. Michel Landaiche, III, Father John W. Groff, Jr., and many more. What wonderful feedback and stimulating ideas!


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