Autumn 2015

Volume 22, Number 1+




Through the Editor's Eyes

What's the Matter with Me?

Catherine Groves

Whatever could I have been thinking? I had been planning an involved, somewhat complex editorial for this issue, gathering my research material, contemplating its structure and speculating over its eventual contents. Suddenly I realized that now, with Judith Eir Landaiche — Christian*New Age Quarterly's long-time Editorial Assistant — having recently passed away, I just had to cut some corners timewise and instead reprint an editorial from C*NAQ's early years. So I hope readers will enjoy a bit of laughter as I look myself squarely in the Editor's Eye and ask, "What's the Matter with Me?" That being said, I fully intend to pursue my anticipated "Through the Editor's Eyes: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pyre," although now for a future issue.

A Blast from our Editorial Past!

Through the Editor's Eyes

Catherine Groves

Our October-December 1991 issue centered on theme of transformation, and so it was only natural for my editorial to follow suit. Today, I find it most curious that my "Through the Editor's Eyes" sported no title other than that. In this piece, I discussed my own transitions: Round One and Round Two. And I'm happy to share that I deeply enjoyed rereading this essay after all these years. I hope readers will, too!

Our Featured Reprint

Madam, Can You Stand Some Change?

Judith Eir Landaiche


Judith Eir Landaiche served, in recent years, as Christian*New Age Quarterly's Editorial Assistant — and, in our early years, as New Age Views Book Reviewer, as well as Layout & Design Assistant. In honor and memory of this remarkable, invaluable contributor, who passed away in February 2015, C*NAQ is pleased to replay "Madam, Can You Stand Some Change?" — also from our October December 1991 issue.

Another Blast from the Past!

Robert M. Price

Just to make sure this issue comes packed with all sorts of wisdom and treats, "A Tale of Saint Iodasaph: The Scripture is Fulfilled" by Dr. Robert M. Price — originally published in the July-September 1992 C*NAQ — rounds out this Plus' medley of thought-provoking material.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

N. Michel Landaiche, III, and Wendell E. Wilkinson reflect and expand upon Dr. Robert M. Price's "Atoning Power of Myth," which was published in the Summer 2015 issue of Christian*New Age Quarterly. Landaiche wrote of Price, "Price's method is almost archaeological, an uncovering of physical remnants of history across vast stretches of time, not only lost to human memory, but not even saved in the official record." In addition, we hear from Rosalyn Becker, author of Unveiling the Soul: Spirituality in the Dimension of Opposites, and Joanne Winetzki.


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