Spring 2013

Volume 20, Number 4+




Through the Editor's Eyes

The Cast

Catherine Groves

"Who could forget the iconic cast of characters" — Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, Ernest T. — from The Andy Griffith Show? asks Catherine Groves. This "Through the Editor's Eyes" was stirred by a reader's question concerning the balance of dialog expressed by C*NAQ's more frequent writers, whom he called "the cast." Familiarity with a cast of characters — or writers — can warm our hearts and keep us coming back. Still, any ongoing venue, whether a television series or a periodical, can grow stale without the infusion of fresh talent with new perspectives. Yet from where could relevant material arise if not from the very authors who are stimulated to write for a periodical exactly because they are drawn to its focus?

Proposing A Bridge When The Other Sees No Divide

Nemour M. Landaiche

A favorite reprinted from our January-March 1996 issue, "Proposing A Bridge When The Other Sees No Divide" offers an in-depth look at the complexities of dialogue when a viewpoint that highlights specificity and uniqueness meets with a vantage that discounts difference and sees all as essentially one. In shaping the challenge, Landaiche writes, "I have suggested that making distinctions is one of the hallmarks of Christian experience. Doing so makes the very gulf that one then attempts to bridge through words. From a Christian perspective, there is another side. Yet what is placed on this other side insists that it is not another side. From that other non-Christian perspective — a perspective that exists only in-opposition-to — there is no difference to bridge. Attempts at bridging must then seem as needless as taking the angelic census on the head of a pin. Why — when all of the angels, even the angels and the pin, are One?"

Through the Editor's Eyes

Catherine Groves

Also hailing from our January-March 1996 issue, "Afterthoughts" muses on the new beginnings Nemour M. Landaiche's essay sets in motion for Christian/New Age dialog. 

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

Our Winter 2012 issue was packed with a bounty of delightful essays, which left precious little space for the wonderful letters we wish we could have squeezed in. And so our Spring 2013 C*NAQ Plus reaps that plenty. Thought-provoking feedback abounds, with letters of comment by Wendell E. Wilkinson, Frank Jakubowsky, Judith Eir Landaiche and many more of our insightful correspondents.


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