Winter 2012

Volume 20, Number 4

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Through the Editor's Eyes

Thoughts on This and That

Catherine Groves

The two distinct faces of Sophia, or Wisdom, that grace this issue — thanks to Robert M. Price and Joanne Winetzki — ignite Catherine Groves' introductory thoughts. In addition, Price's "Sophia's Stepchild" sparks Groves' exploration of the relationship between New Thought and New Age ideologies. According to Groves, while New Thought and New Age understandings differ in numerous ways, their common ground is vast.

A Peek Between the Covers

Joanne Winetzki

For this "Peek," Joanne  Winetzki reviews Sophia: The Feminine Face of God, by Karen Speerstra. Speerstra envisions Sophia as the Divine Feminine. As Winetzki describes: "Readers set out on a circuitous journey winding through past, present and future to discover the Goddess in her myriad forms and aspects. Similar to learning a foreign language through total immersion, we see, hear, touch, taste and smell Sophia everywhere. As we advance in the idiom, new ways of perceiving old ideas and challenges to familiar convictions flow into mind."

Sophia's Stepchild

The Gnostic Sources of New Thought

Robert M. Price

Proponents of New Thought usually source the origins of their teachings in the ancient Gnostic and mystery schools. In "Sophia's Stepchild," Dr. Robert M. Price investigates if that assumption of historicity is warranted — or beneficial. Here, Sophia is depicted according to the Gnostic cosmology. Readers will discover that Price's analyses extend beyond the New Thought focus of this piece, and pertain as well to the manner in which New Agers often perceive the historical roots of the movement.

A Pensive Pause

Buddy Shares Life Lessons from Nature

Joanne Winetzki

"Buddy," as Joanne Winetzki describes, "possesses that illusive joie de vivre that many of us might benefit from cultivating in our lives." Curious and comfortable in his own skin, "nothing is too insignificant to overlook or too strange to ignore." Winetzki suggests that by observing Buddy, we might get a sense of what indigenous people have learned over time, that "we too are living, breathing nature." And who is this role model? None other than the West Highland terrier who frolics on the lawn next door.

Movement Speaks the Sacred

Judith Eir Landaiche

Our Editorial Assistant Judith Eir Landaiche treats readers to a delightful look at the art of dance as "an intimate communication between our psyche and the Other," presenting the body as a beautiful partner of the spirit.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak their minds

Sharing their responses to the Autumn 2012 C*NAQ Plus, Frederick Moe, Cher Gilmore, Father John W. Groff, Jr. and more muse on the topic of aging from a spiritual perspective. Too, Wendell E. Wilkinson discusses P.D. Ouspensky's thoughts on an emerging new humanity.


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