Early Winter 2009

Volume 18, Number 4+




Through the Editor's Eyes

An Uneasy Road,
but Back on Track
(I think)

Catherine Groves

In an expanded "Through the Editor's Eyes," Catherine Groves examines the religious strife that feeds our current global crisis, as well as explains the whys and wherefores of CNAQ Plus. As Groves shares: "Needless to say, Christian*New Age Quarterly isn't about to change the world. But it can nudge, in what I truly believe is the right direction, the hearts and minds of folks who enter our niche. That right direction is interfaith understanding. Inside this niche, we're all in this together."

The Dance of the Platypus, Sister Moon, and All That Stuff
(God Isn't Lonely Anymore)

Edward Kline

In celebration of the launch of CNAQ Plus and Christian*New Age Quarterly's 20th year of publication, this wonderful piece from the very first issue of C*NAQ is offered again. Edward Kline weaves the story of Creation: "In the beginning ... vast, silent, still, nothing ... void. Only lonely God beginning to move across the face of the deep." Kline goes on to explore the similarities between age-old Christian mystics and New Age visionaries — and invites us to "join hands and together enjoy the dance."


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