June 2008 – February 2009

Volume 18, Number 4

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Through the Editor's Eyes

A Mind of its Own

Catherine Groves

Synchronicity is the focus of this editorial  both the synchronicity that frequently swirls around C*NAQ and life's "inexplicable clusters of fortunate events that seem to happen of their own design." Catherine Groves also comments on the earth theme that weaves throughout this issue.

The Complementarity of Opposites

Robert Arias

"I feel without quite understanding why — I intuit, I guess — that the mutually exclusive viewpoints of transcendence espoused by the East and the West must somehow both be true," writes Rob Arias. Drawing upon geography, biology and quantum physics, Arias explores the nature of this paradox in his fascinating essay.

A Pensive Pause

The Earth is our Common Ground

Joanne Winetzki

"When our awareness is focused and in the moment, we are able to tap into the earth's energy," Joanne Winetzki points out. In this "Pause," Winetzki explores the importance of staying grounded and "finding common ground."

A Tale of Saint Iodasaph

Invisible Light

Robert M. Price

The road to enlightenment is often paved with the seemingly menial and mundane, as the young novice who sought out the monastery of Saint Iodasaph would learn. This time around, Robert M. Price's "Tale of Saint Iodasaph" turns seeing upon itself to reveal "Invisible Light."

A Peek Between the Covers

Joanne Winetzki

Reviewer Joanne Winetzki tells us that "Cheryl Straffon's  Daughters of the Earth is the perfect guidebook for what she describes as, 'a journey around the Wheel of the Year with the Goddess and our Mother Earth, ancient wisdom for a modern age.'" Winetzki continues, "Accessing the Goddess is no easy task even with the perfect guidebook and a detailed map. This is Goddess country, with no direct routes, freeways or toll roads to speed us to some anticipated destination.... Our Goddess is found experientially and intuitively as we ramble along slower, quieter paths."

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

Readers of Christian*New Age Quarterly can be counted on for great feedback and further exploration of ideas presented in our issues. But this time our readers have outdone themselves! Look for thoughts from Father John W. Groff, Jr., L. David Moore of Pendulum Press, Joseph Polansky of Diamond Fire Magazine, Michael Walker of DREAMWalkerGroup.com and more!


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