Autumn 2009

Volume 19, Number 1+




Through the Editor's Eyes

And So It Comes Full Circle

Catherine Groves

For this "Through the Editor's Eyes," Catherine Groves' "And So It Comes Full Circle" explores the way events, at times, come full circle. In particular, Groves shares the amazing connections and reconnections surrounding C*NAQ Plus Volume 18, Number 4+. Groves' roundabout journey in search of Edward Kline, author of "The Dance of the Platypus, Sister Moon, and All That Stuff (God Isn't Lonely Anymore)" — featured in our last Plus — led her to the whereabouts of a long-lost friend and acquaintance of Kline. In reconnecting with the Reverend Lyle Beckman, she discovered an amazing ministry he directs: San Francisco Night Ministry and Open Cathedral. And that, in turn, led to Joanne Winetzki's next "Pensive Pause," to be featured in our Winter 2009 issue.

While the Editor Wasn't Looking

Judith Eir Landaiche

To celebrate Judith Eir Landaiche's return — after a twelve-year hiatus — to Christian*New Age Quarterly, now as our new Editorial Assistant, we'll revisit her delightfully playful essay, first published in our January-March 1996 issue. While the theme of Catherine Groves' "Through the Editor's Eyes" muses on things — often C*NAQ things — coming together, Landaiche's piece pokes fun at how stuff flies apart, particularly when it comes to C*NAQ. She concludes, "Perhaps ... maybe ... these holy unexpected quirks and anomalies are evidence of the Universe shaking her head in bewilderment at the implications of Christian/New Age dialog." Get ready for fun, Universe! Landaiche is back!

The Passing of Edward Kline

Catherine Groves is saddened to announce the passing of Edward Kline, author of "The Dance of the Platypus, Sister Moon, and All That Stuff (God Isn't Lonely Anymore)." Kline slipped home on April 22, 2009. Yet Groves is grateful he waited around on this planet long enough for her to send him an issue of the Plus in which his delightful essay — first published in our very first C*NAQ in January of 1989 — reappeared.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

What a bounty of response we received to the first C*NAQ Plus! Father John W. Groff, Jr. speaks of the calligraphy fashioned by the same artist who created the logo for the Beijing Olympics. And, amidst other reader feedback, are thought-provoking comments by Wendell E. Wilkinson, Judith Eir Landaiche, Rob Arias, Joanne Winetzki, and Jean Hohman.


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