Summer 2009

Volume 19, Number 1

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The Biblical Foundation of the New Thought Movement

Mary A. Tumpkin

In "The Biblical Foundation of the New Thought Movement," the Reverend Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin — President of the Universal Foundation for Better Living and founding minister of the Universal Truth Center for Better Living — contends that early Christian texts discovered at Nag Hammadi closely resemble the teachings of New Thought Christianity. This fascinating and extensive study covers the development of the early Christianity and the present-day canon, as well as the marginalization of gnostic and extracanonical tracts that present Jesus as a teacher, sage and wayshower.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

This time around the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn explores Paul Alan Laughlin's Remedial Christianity: What Every Believer Should Know about the Faith, but Probably Doesn't and Getting Oriented: What Every Christian Should Know about Eastern Religions, but Probably Doesn't.

A Tale of Saint Iodasaph

The Serpent's Wisdom

Robert M. Price

In a rare excursion from their mountain monastery to the valley villages below, the monks of Saint Iodasaph's lamasery meet up with a snake — and their hidden fear. But why does the old Saint remain unshaken? Could he have discovered "The Serpent's Wisdom"? While Robert M. Price's "Tales" feature a hypothetical Saint Iodasaph, the "real" Saint Iodasaph is, in fact, the accidental Christianization of a Buddhist legend.

A Pensive Pause

Multitask and Miss the Moments of Your Life

Joanne Winetzki

"Our connection to people and to life grows and deepens when we are fully present in the moment," muses Joanne Winetzki. In "Multitask and Miss the Moments of Your Life," Winetzki pauses upon the benefits of undivided attention and concludes, "If we practice centering our awareness on the person or task at hand, we won't miss a single moment of life."

The Letters Library

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