Spring 2016

Volume 22, Number 2+




Through the Editor's Eyes

C*NAQ on Facebook? Really?

Catherine Groves

As Catherine Groves puts it, "A fundamental shift is happening in the way people communicate, a shift that is at its very beginning.... But in the here and now, social media is the means of communication." So Christian*New Age Quarterly now has a presence on Facebook. Readers can sneak a peek at our new Facebook page at Christian New Age and join the Facebook conversation at Christian New Age.

God of My Father

Frederick Moe

Each C*NAQ Plus features the fresh musings of Catherine Groves under the auspices of her "Through the Editor's Eyes" column. This Plus, however, breaks with its usual format to offer yet another piece new to the C*NAQ readership. Slightly revised from its first incarnation as a privately published writing with a circulation limited to the zine community, "God of My Father" shares the poignant and personal spiritual journey of Frederick Moe.

Thirsting in the Vortex

Robert Arias

Our featured reprint for this C*NAQ Plus was originally published in our April-June 2004 issue. In "Thirsting in the Vortex," we find Rob Arias perched upon Skeleton Point, embarked on a trail to the depths of the Grand Canyon, as he pauses to probe what brought him to this journey. Thirst. The promise of thirst, he reflects, as he looks back to his experience meeting Cathedral Rock — a spiritual vortex in Sedona, AZ — just as a rainstorm sweeps through the desert. To know what that parched desert must feel as it drinks of the rain, one first has to realize the depths of one's thirst.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

Wendell E. Wilkinson compares The Super Natural, by Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey J. Kripal, with "Is it Oxymoronic to Speak of a Spiritual Learning Community?" — the feature of our Winter 2015 issue — by N. Michel Landaiche, III. And Rodney Leighton shares his thoughts on our Autumn 2015 C*NAQ Plus, while Cher Gilmore of Share International USA comments on our Facebook presence.


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