Autumn 2011

Volume 20, Number 1+




Through the Editor's Eyes

A Talk with my Son

Sameness under the Skin, Love, and the Singularity of Emotion

Catherine Groves

On the heels of some interactions, we may find ourselves making sense of life's elements in fresh ways. Catherine Groves shares an eye-opening dinner conversation with her son about emotion and love. Are emotions felt uniformly by all, or are they experienced in ways unique to each individual? Are we all one — in essence, all the same under the skin? And what about love? Is love an emotion? Readers may discover this exchange between mother and son every bit as startling and illuminating as did our editor.

Scapegoat, Redeemer, Traveler

A Perspective on the Shaman

Nemour Landaiche

Originally featured in our July-September 1993 issue, "Scapegoat, Redeemer, Traveler" explores the shaman's unnerving journey to the spirit realms and her or his resulting role in the community after the return. Landaiche writes, "Journeying in service distinguishes the shaman. The price for this ability to travel is high, exacted in suffering and shattering of the mind."

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

A wealth of thoughts are featured in this issue! Readers offer feedback to earlier articles and letters on a range of subjects as diverse as miracles to Star Trek.


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