April-June 2004

Volume 16, Number 2




Through the Editor's Eyes

A Tale of Two Lenses

Catherine Groves

A long time in coming, this essay will be worth, I hope, the wait! Catherine's "Through the Editor's Eyes" — entitled "A Tale of Two Lenses" — addresses the question posed by N.M. Landaiche in the January-March 2003 "Letters Library": "What view of the world do you have and how would you characterize that particular lens?" As our readers may recall, Landaiche raised that question on the heels of Catherine's October-December 2002 editorial, "Assumptions in the Nexus." And so we will be revisiting that piece, not in its original context of discussing the core tenets shared by Christians and New Agers, but instead looking at the beliefs Catherine actually holds, how the world appears through the editor's eyes.

Thirsting in the Vortex

Robert Arias

Perched upon Skeleton Point, embarked on a trail to the depths of the Grand Canyon, Rob Arias probes what brought him to this journey. Thirst. The promise of thirst, he realizes, as he looks back to his experience meeting Cathedral Rock — a spiritual vortex in Sedona, AZ — just as a rainstorm sweeps through the desert. To know what that parched desert must feel as it drinks of the rain, one first has to realize the depths of one's thirst.

A Peek Between the Covers

Mark Pitstick

Dr. Mark R. Pitstick critiques Hello from Heaven, by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim. The title addresses a topic near and dear to our reviewer's heart: ADCs, or After-Death Communications. Examined are "evidential ADCs," when otherwise unknown information is imparted by the beloved deceased and is proved factual when acted upon; "shared ADCs" when two or more individuals witness an appearance of a deceased loved one; as well as the states of consciousness that allow the living to accept a communication from a loved one who has passed on.

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