Autumn 2010

Volume 19, Number 3+




Through the Editor's Eyes

The Desecration of Ground Zero

Catherine Groves

With plans for an Islamic community center and mosque under development for a site some short blocks from the scene of the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, emotions run high. In her "Through the Editor's Eyes," Catherine Groves discusses the heroism of 9/11victims, religious freedom, political stances, and the rampant fear, ignorance and rage that fuel the protests against building a Moslem house of worship near Ground Zero.

Planet Alabama Spinning Toward the End

John W. Groff, Jr.

The essays of Father John W. Groff, Jr. can be counted on to stand the test of time! A reprint from our October-December 1997 issue, "Planet Alabama Spinning Toward the End" invites us to glimpse one Alabama courthouse where the exclusivity of Christian scriptures — and End Times expectations — are givens.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

This time around, we hear from Frank Jakubowsky, David Brock, Valencia Chan and many others. Wendell E. Wilkinson provides extensive feedback on our Spring 2010 C*NAQ Plus, offering a range of thoughts on everything from the spiritual nature of words to their use in rap and rock.


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