Summer 2010

Volume 19, Number 3

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Through the Editor's Eyes

Trumping the Death of Dialog

Catherine Groves

Catherine Groves introduces the contents presented in this issue by peering at what often calls a quick halt to interfaith dialog: the attempt to persuade others to acquiesce to one's own brand of biblical truth. Groves contends that "understanding the history of the bible's formation, as well as alternative ways of envisioning the key players in its development, can provide the edge needed to free up dialog again, this time on solid, factual ground."

Loose Canon

Robert M. Price

Author of The Pre-Nicene New Testament, Robert M. Price explores, in "Loose Canon," the rationale, methodology and need for fresh canons that present a fuller range of biblical material than the traditional canon includes. This comprehensive, detailed and thought-provoking study will fascinate readers intrigued by the early development — and future revisioning — of Christianity.

A Pensive Pause

The Secret? It's in the Chocolate

Joanne Winetzki

Perhaps this decade would be most aptly dubbed: the age of secrets revealed. And, for her Summer 2010 "Pensive Pause," Joanne Winetzki simmers up a most tantalizing revelation in "The Secret? It's in the Chocolate." It's about — whoops! — there we go again, about to spill the cacao beans. Guess readers will just have to wait to savor this flavor!

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

The Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's Dan Hahn's next "Peek Between the Covers" explores Saint Paul, not as the dour, authoritarian killjoy history has often made him out to be, but as a mystic visionary who sought social justice. In The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church's Conservative Icon, Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan contend that we miss the essential Paul when we overlook his underlying mysticism.

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak their minds

Readers of Christian*New Age Quarterly, including Father John W. Groff, Jr. and Michael E. Walker, contribute their thoughts on a range of subjects — as well as discuss the articles that appeared in our Winter 2009 issue and Spring 2010 Plus supplement. An especially thoughtful analysis of Dr. Bruce G. Epperly's "The Secret Justice" — featured in the Winter 2009 C*NAQ — is offered by Wendell E. Wilkinson.


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