Autumn 2013

Volume 21, Number 1+




Through the Editor's Eyes

The Further Faster Frenzy

Catherine Groves

Catherine Groves discusses how time seems to be moving more quickly, particularly given a technology that enables us to learn, work and play at an accelerated rate. She explores how this new technology affects not only our outer involvement with the world, but also such areas as the alpha and beta parts of the brain. Groves also asks if our quickly changing social patterns are separating us from the deeper realms of our psyche. For better or worse, today's — and tomorrow's — technology impacts our relationships with others, as well as our spiritual journey.

Brainwaves of Reason, Brainwaves of Spirit

Dan Hahn

This C*NAQ Plus features the reprint of the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn's contribution to our January-March 1997 issue. Fascinating and humorous, "Brainwaves of Reason, Brainwaves of Spirit" discusses how "our brainwaves differ when we reason and when we engage in certain forms of spirituality." Drawing from scientific research, Hahn attempts "to point out why spirituality exists as higher consciousness than reason."

The Letters Library

C*NAQ readers speak out

The Reverend Brian E. Sterley of Somerset West, South Africa, shares his thoughts on Robert M. Price's "Is John's Gospel Gnostic?" which was featured in our Summer 2013 issue. N. Michel Landaiche, III, provides a different perspective and reaction to the same essay. Other readers offer ideas on diverse topics, such as Wendell Wilkinson, who discusses the research of educators on the future of our teaching system in the face of our ever-changing technology.


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