July-September 2005

Volume 17, Number 3




Through the Editor's Eyes

Catherine Groves

Catherine begins this issue's "Through the Editor's Eyes" with an outstanding piece of news: Joanne Winetzki is Christian*New Age Quarterly's new "New Age Views" book reviewer!

On Earth as in Heaven

A Meditation on Gravitation

Robert Arias

What if gravity — "one of those facets of corporeal existence so fundamental to bodily experience that it goes, for the most part, disregarded" — were to be contemplated in much the same way that meditators often contemplate breath? What if "gravitation and consciousness were alternate realizations of a singular underlying phenomenon"? In this delightful essay, which recounts a harrowing night he and a friend spent lost together on a mountain in the forest, Rob Arias reflects on the evolution of our understanding of gravitational force and the light it sheds on the relationship between the sacred and the secular.

The Letters Library


Our readers share their enthusiasm about the material published in the April-June 2005 issue. Especially noted was Rob Arias' "Distinguishing Faith from Belief" and Dr. Mark R. Pitstick's review of Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

A Tale of Saint Iodasaph

Gods in the Gutter

Robert M. Price

Saint Iodasaph is back — or might we say back from the dead? This time Dr. Robert M. Price's venerable saint takes a "plane trip" of sorts in "Gods in the Gutter." Readers who have not yet made the acquaintance of Saint Iodasaph are in for a treat! An intermittent column that ran from our January-March 1991 through our October-December 1994 issues, "A Tale of Saint Iodasaph" was inspired by the accidental Christianization of a Buddhist legend. Now, a decade later, the Saint returns! In these new tales, Price weaves together Eastern and Western wisdom using as mouthpiece the curious historical happenstance of a Buddhist protagonist from the Jataka Tales canonized as a Christian saint.

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn

"What would it take to make the world a better place?" asks the Reverend Daniel B. Hahn. In his critique of Mending the World: Spiritual Hope for Ourselves and Our Planet, Hahn explores the complementary and competing natures of external activism and internal spirituality. This title, coauthored by Rabbi Lewis D. Solomon and the Reverend Bruce G. Epperly — a frequent contributor to C*NAQ — "clearly emphasizes working on ourselves," an internal focus, observes Hahn. "Yet," Hahn continues, "there is a subtle activism in the book itself, by virtue of its authorship."

A Pensive Pause

Dare to Doubt

Joanne Winetzki

Dictionary definitions of doubt, Joanne Winetzki relates, are decidedly negative. Still, does doubt deserve its bad reputation? Winetzki suggests that doubt enables us to begin to discover and shape our own beliefs. Perhaps we might take a tip from Saint Thomas and "Dare to Doubt."



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