July-September 1999

Volume 11, Number 3




The Ladder of Hemp

Victor M. Depta Poet, professor and author of delightful essays, Vic Depta treats us to a candid look at his marijuana use in the late 1960s and the spirituality it then inspired within himself.

Through the Editor's Eyes

Issues in this Issue

Catherine Groves Our editor speaks about the questions she confronted within herself in her decision to publish a potentially controversial, if delightfully written and relevant essay appearing in this issue, "The Ladder of Hemp."

Also covered is an update on C*NAQ's search for a new "New Age Views" Book Reviewer.

Quest in the New Age

Allen Bundy An author new to the pages of Christian*New Age Quarterly, Allen Bundy reflects on the connection of seeking and action, suggested by the Gospel of John.

A Pensive Pause

The Mystical Voice of Scripture

John W. Groff, Jr. Father John W. Groff, Jr. points out the different perspectives from which the bible can be read -- historically, sociologically, psychologically, literarily, theologically, and mystically -- and then turns to spiritually examine, "Who [or What] enters the Kingdom?"

A Peek Between the Covers

Dan Hahn In this delightful and personal book review, our "Christian Focus" reviewer peeks at Doing Nothing, by Steven Harrison.

The Godself

Mary Fogarty Mary Fogarty shares her own spiritual journey from her upbringing in Christianity to her recognition of the Godself which she found within. By sharing her insights gained along the way, Mary sets a path that others might find helpful in coming to terms with their own spiritual identity. 

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