A Message to our Book Publishing Friends

Christian*New Age Quarterly's

Policies Regarding Review Copies

Thank you for your interest in promoting your title through Christian*New Age Quarterly. Ours is a forum for clear, yet respectful dialog between Christians and New Agers. We are pleased to consider for review in C*NAQ's "A Peek Between the Covers" those books pertinent to our field of inquiry.

We do a limited amount of book reviewing, usually one review per issue; hence we tend to select only those books which address pivotal issues of spirituality from a vantage broad enough to interest both Christians and New Agers. Should you wish to send a review copy for our consideration, please bear in mind that all titles or promotional material with Christian themes must be sent directly to:

The Reverend Daniel B. Hahn
91 Marie Parkway
Loudonville, NY 12211

Review copies and promotional material with a New Age focus must be sent directly to:

Joanne Winetzki
50 Horgan Avenue #6
Redwood City, CA 94061

All other correspondence should be directed to the main office of Christian*New Age Quarterly at PO Box 276, Clifton, New Jersey 07015-0276, USA.

You might wish to consider advertising with us. In view of our limited space for reviews, you might find, as other book publishers have, that advertising with Christian*New Age Quarterly is the more expedient way to bring titles to the attention of our readership. Please bear in mind that even with those titles selected for review, the lead time to the appearance of a review can take six months to a year. Advertising brings the book to the attention of our readers quickly and very inexpensively. And if your title is of a subject unlikely to be selected for review in C*NAQ, advertising in our pages is the only means to reach our audience.

To learn more about advertising in Christian*New Age Quarterly, please see our Advertising Information.

If you would like to sample C*NAQ, either for your own reading pleasure or to explore your review and advertising opportunities with our periodical, please see our Ordering Information.

Thank you for your interest in Christian*New Age Quarterly!

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